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Petra Lundawerk & SONORA @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL

Petra Lundawerk & SONORA @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL from Petra Lundawerk on Vimeo.


Episode 19: December 2011

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This last episode of 2011 is a special The Printers Paradise one containing an excerpt of the soundtrack I played at the exhibition in London, november this year.
Later on, the show is supported by ENKA and to get all the information you are looking for check out his Facebook page:

Thank you very much for listening my show, for giving a lot of positive feedback to it and I hope to hear you in 2012.
Happy new year 2012!!!

Petra Lundawerk playing @Sonora In The Wick Launch Exhibition London (29-11-2011)

Check out: Sonora In The Wick Launch Exhibition Facebook Event

When: 29-11-2011 6pm – 11pm


Ground Floor Left
Enterprise House, Tudor Grove, E9 7QL
London, United Kingdom


Panda Lassow: RdamNotRdam Mix online!!!

=> If you can’t see or play this than got to Panda Lassow: RdamNotRdam Mix @Soundcloud

IEM18: Ibrahim Ozmen

Episode 18: October 2011

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IEM17: Helena Hauff (incl. interview)

Episode 17: September 2011

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This episode is going to be golden. My guest support Helena Hauff form Hamburg, Germany, running the party serie ‘Birds And Other Instruments’ at the Golden Pudel Club Hamburg is taking us with her into her universe of techno influenced electronica. Check it out.

Helena’s page: http://www.default-network.com/helena-hauff/

Tracklist: Petra Lundawerk

  1. Alain Goraguer – Ten Est Assomme (Pathé Marconi EMI)
  2. Portradium – Boxer (PPT/Stembogen)
  3. Pierre Schaeffer – Objets Rassemblés (Disques Dreyfus)
  4. Octavcat – Wyndupfixit (Uncharted Audio)
  5. Clark* – Suns Of Temper (Warp Records)
  6. Portradium – Girler (PPT/Stembogen)

IEM16: Elcasa (incl. interview)

Episode 16: August 2011

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Elcasa is a Rotterdam based DJ and interested in music since many many years. Besides spinning he is pursuing his own event series in Rotterdam called body mechanic and is working at Clone Records as well.
That is why I am so glad to present you Elcasa – a well known Rotterdam DJ.

Have fun listening to episode 16.

For more information check out:

Tracklist: Petra Lundawerk

  1. Bruce Gilbert – The Shivering Man (Editions Mego/Mute Recordings)
  2. E.O.G. – Skapn Flow (Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB))

Independent record labels fear ruinous stock loss in London riots fire

read @www.guardian.co.uk

IEM15: Subsequent (incl. interview)

Episode 15: June 2011

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Episode 15 goes special: having Subsequent in an interview. Geer Mussert aka Subsequent from Rotterdam and signed by the Berlin based label nonine recording is my guest live in my studio. This episode is a tour through beats and basses ;) .

Tracklist: Mix Petra Lundawerk

  1. ELOQ – Why Don’t You?(Rebuild and Opiated) (Hobby Industries)
  2. Venetian Snares – You discovered the secret and juiced it for all its majesty (Planet Mu)
  3. Hype Williams – Untitled (And Your Batty’s So Round) (Hippos In Tanks)
  4. Ekoplekz – Doctrine 81 (Mordant Music)

IEM14: Abreaktor (incl. interview)

Episode 14: May 2011

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This podcast contains a great “one track”-like typical Abreaktor liveset. I first met his sounds on soundcloud and started requesting him for supporting the IEM show. Finally, I got him to support this cast with a liveset combined with a super interesting (written) interview. Check out both - his sounds and words.

And Abreaktor: yes, I enjoyed your stuff very much! Thank you very much for having you and your music.

Tracklist: Mix Petra Lundawerk

  1. Hype Williams – Break4love (Hippos In Tanks)
  2. dbridge – The Dim Light (Exit Records)

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