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IEM10: Karsten Pflum

Episode 10: November 2010

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My Danish guest support – Karsten Pflum – shows the picturesque side of the show. Now living and working in Berlin, he has been releasing music since 2002 on various labels such as Worm Interface (UK), Rump Recordings (Denmark), Hymen and Ad Noiseam (Germany).

His liveshows have been rocking around most of Europe for a good number of years. Thus, absolutely worth to see him.

More about Karsten Pflum

His picturesque music embraces different electronic genres – from soothing melodies, heavy drilling beats to twisted dubstep and braindance.

His Music pays a tribute to the golden times of the IDM scene, but still catches the zeitgeist and constantly pushes the edge.

Karsten Pflum is the sound of the Schwarzwald – detuned and poignant, like shadows manifesting in the dark.

With four albums and a bunch of EPs and remixes in his bag, his tunes have been air-playedon a diverse number of radio programs, amongst these BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs’ the Breezeblock, Carl Hyde of The Underworld, and by the deceased John Peel.

Pflum currently has two new releases out – the “Slaphead Fun” album, on Mindwaves Music, and the “NEMO LOON EP” on Ad Noiseam.

TRACKLIST: Petra Lundawerk (DJ Mix)

  1. anbb – electricity is fiction (Raster Noton)
  2. Richard Devine – Kepter (Warp Records)
  3. Opus Finis – Trying Times (Mannequin)
  4. Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Hirnsuite (miisc)
  5. Newclear Waves – Ruins (Mannequin)
  6. Tom Burbank – Gnats (Planet Mu)
  7. Kid606 – When I Want A Gun, Yeah (555 Recordings)
  8. anbb – one (Raster Noton)
  9. Madteo – Deliverance (Meakusma)

Guest Support: Karsten Pflum (DJ Mix)

  1. Bjørn Svin – BowBrow (Rump Recordings)
  2. Hecq – Steeltounged (Hymen Records)
  3. Bass Junkie – Hip Hop Re Bop (Bass Junkie’s Boogie Down Bass Mix) (Breakin’ Records)
  4. Lucine – Sin (Hymen Records)
  5. Acid Test – Test One (Playhouse)
  6. Karsten Pflum – Coda Lid (Mindwaves Music)
  7. Bruce Stallion – Bad Pillz (Tigerbass Records)
  8. Karsten Pflum – Tak One (Boys and Girls Mix) (Mindwaves Music)
  9. Karsten Pflum – Nemo Loon part I (Ad Noiseam)
  10. Nero – Something Else (Z Audio)
  11. Ultrablack – Puff (Play Me)
  12. Karsten Pflum – Nemo Loon part III (Ad Noiseam)
  13. Source Direct – The Cult (Metalheadz)
  14. Squarepusher – Beep Street (Warp Records)
  15. Karsten Pflum – Untitled (Forthcomming)

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