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IEM18: Ibrahim Ozmen

Episode 18: October 2011

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Have you ever want to discover darkness and light? Than you are right listening to this episode. Ibrahim Ozmen is studying musicology in Istanbul Technical University and his research field is music theraphy. Within his mix we can listen to music theraphy work which he has been working on over the last 5 years.

Ibrahim Ozmen:

In the world, most of the people have similar daily routines and according to their geographical places they have similar life styles. In other words, the majority of the population of the world has a very similar life style. That’s why people living in the same geographical area and having a same culture, generally have a monotype brain wave frequency. Also, the music has a similar character with this wave frequency in spiritual sense. Through this similarities with music, brain activities can be balanced such as mental illnesses or sooting effect on mental disordered children. And it can be get closer with physical perception and spiritual perception. Especially the tracks “orientation” , “this is the captain speaking” and “backward stories” are examples of this experiment.

Tracklist: Petra Lundawerk

  1. Zooey – 111.1 (Fibla Remix) (spa.RK – sp 6)
  2. Amon Tobin – Kitty Cat (Ninja Tune)
  3. Stabil Elite – Gold (Themes For Great Cities)
  4. Roly Porter – Kaitain (Subtext)
  5. Grischa Lichtenberger – 0311_10_lv_1_ir_weissel (Semantica Records)
  6. Adapta – Concrete Sun (Brutalist Sunset)
  7. Ekoplekz – Chemical Analysis (Punch Drunk)
  8. Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho – Não Existe Molhado Igual Ao Pranto (Remix – Illum Sphere) (Mr Bongo)
  9. Clark* – Talis (Warp Records)
  10. Amon Tobin – Surge (Ninja Tune)

Guest support: Ibrahim Ozmen

  1. ibrahim ozmen – this is the captain speaking
  2. ibrahim ozmen – a dreamin my reality
  3. ibrahim ozmen – the final whistle
  4. ibrahim ozmen – behavioral therapy
  5. ibrahim ozmen – backward stories
  6. ibrahim ozmen – orientation
  7. ibrahim ozmen – road to rhodes
  8. ibrahim ozmen – be lighed

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